Art Spotting

Art is all around us. So often, we walk right by without even noticing that magic surrounds us wherever we go. ART IS NOW is a reminder to keep our eyes open and to make art every day.



I traveled to Boston last year and turned around on a street corner to discover that I was standing right next to a piece of graffiti from OS GEMEOS – my favorite Brazilian artists. We run across some amazing art and artists all the time and Art Spotting is a place here online where I can share the art that I find along my journey. Enjoy!





Maxfield Parrish at the Broadmoor


And so there I am – hanging in an obscure corner in the lobby and ran into these two stunning paintings by my hero – Maxfield Parrish. No pomp or fanfare… just hanging there on the wall. That is just the kind of place – Amazing.





Renga Arts | D A Bishop

Finally got a chance to get over to Renga Arts… A little artist community off of the 116 just outside of Sebastopol. Need to go back when the artists are all there. One interesting discovery was the studio of D A Bishop there. He was generous with letting us in to browse around his studio during work hours…

Loved this little painting – available for $1400.00.

He is one to keep an eye on.

More Info: Renga Arts