And with that, if I am not careful, I will spiral into the darkest places. I will forget that I have ever laughed or danced or done any good in my life. These are places where there is no light. No faith. No hope.

That is when you have to fight.

There is a lot of talk about fighting cancer (Putting up a good fight, Fighting the good fight… etc.) when most of the time – what you are actually doing is sitting in an infusion chair, sitting in a car, sitting in a doctors waiting room…

The fight is not done in the doctor’s office – or in the chemotherapy chair… it is fending off the darkness. Pushing away the bad thoughts that are always seeping in. Looking down into that dark well – that is when I fight like hell.

I fight for my wife… I fight for my son, for my friends, my family…

I fight for my life.