Man o Man

Back after a little break. Sorry that I have posted no updates since the beginning of the year. I took a break from cancer (with my doctors approval). After completing Chemotherapy all of my scans have thankfully resulted in a stable condition and I figured that it would do my body good to recoup a bit from the treatments and big medicine that it has been dealing with.

January was lovely – no injections, no blood tests, no appointments. We just floated along enjoying the rainy days and painting. Now we are back at it. Went in for a checkup last week – and while there was no significantly bad news, one thing is clear – break time is definitely over.

Returning to the fight is no laughing matter. I realize now that taking a break may be harder on the back end than I had thought. Getting back into the ring is really really hard, The positivity that I felt in the fall has been replaced with a sense of sadness that I have yet to shake. I am sure that we will get there… but I have taken my eye off the ball and there is no clear way to get right back on the path.

I appreciate all of the thoughtful support more than I can say and I will do my best to continue here to keep the information about our progress up to date.

More soon,

Big hugs.