Next Steps

This St Patrick’s week is almost over – but for me here, the new battle is just about to begin. Today, I am heading into a new round of treatment that promises to help me fight this beast. The treatment is called immunotherapy and it is meant to prevent the cancer from growing. The drug they are putting me on is called Opdivo.

In the best of instances, this drug has been known to shrink tumors and ideally it would continue to work for a good long time. It is much less toxic than the chemotherapy drugs, so if it does work I can stay on this for longer without as much concern about damage to my liver, kidneys, etc.

As with everything, there are some new side effects that I will be hoping to avoid. I have been very fortunate at this point to have been able to tolerate the side effects from my previous treatments. I am excited to get this going. These new targeted therapy drugs mark the greatest leap forward in cancer treatment and no matter what happens, I am grateful to have them available to me.

Today I am feeling strong and ready. Thank you all for your encouragement and support. Your words give me courage to take these next steps with a positive attitude.

I’ll write more from the other side.


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