Post #17 – GOOD NEWS!!

The scan results are good.

My stoic Chinese oncologist Dr Ye was visibly thrilled to give us the results this last week. In short, halfway through Chemo and Tumor has shrunk by over 50% !!! No signs of anything spreading and the treatment is working!

Thank you all for your prayers – Love does heal. For every care package and text message, for every visit and every casserole…

Thank you.

By the grace of God go I




This crazy thing below is the report from my first scan.


** HISTORY **:
Metastatic lung cancer on chemotherapy
Comparison: 08/07/2015
Technique: Axial images of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis were
obtained with administration of 150 mL of Omnipaque contrast
CTDI: 16.5 mGy
DLP: 1104.76 mGy-cm
CT chest: The spiculated mass in the right upper lobe/right
perihilar region is smaller with improved aeration of the right
upper lobe and tracheobronchial tree. The mass currently measures
approximately 5 x 5 cm, previously 7.2 x 7 cm. Significant
decrease in size of mediastinal and bilateral hilar lymph nodes.
Previously noted 4 mm nodular density in the right middle lobe may
represent confluence of vessels. No pulmonary nodules or masses.
Stable 1 cm presumed cyst in the margin of the right lobe of the
liver. Upper abdominal structures are unremarkable. No aggressive
osseous lesion.

Significant improvement of right upper lobe mass, mediastinal and
bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy. No new lesions.
DD: DT: 10/30/2015